Irregular Periods

Top 9 Causes Of Irregular Periods – Women’s Health

Causes Of Irregular Periods

Irregular Periods – At some time in their lives, many women notice some changes in the process of menstruation.”Why do I feel so bad during menstruation?”, “Why is disturbed cycle?”, “Why did they go twice a month?”. While the cycle of problems occurs in women is not as common, yet these and many other questions arise, so it is very important to understand what the cause of all these problems, and what is thus signaling your body.

The amount of the blood itself, which “loses” each of us during menstruation varies from woman to woman. Many of the “loss” are heavy (eg, 12 teaspoons of blood every month), some of the same, in principle, feel very good, “losing” all, for example, 4 teaspoons of blood.

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